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An image editor application. Originally written to be a tutorial for the NetBeans Platform on how to properly write an extensible application, it is a functional image editor with the potential to grow similar functionality to Gimp, et. al. Tools, filters, brushes, effects, fills and much more are pluggable.

More about Imagine's architecture...

Features At A Glance

  • Pluggable Layer, Tool and Effect types. Built in support for both raster (backing data stored as a bitmap) and vector (resolution-independent) layers.
  • Supports editing images and creating new images
  • Fill patterns are pluggable with an API, and also existing images or a selection can be used to create new fill patterns.


  • 1/24/2008: API is semi-stabilized for most things.


The raster layer functionality is being stabilized, and builds will be available soon. The vector layer functionality is less stable and may not initially be made available in builds.

Build and Run

The easiest way to build and run the application is using the NetBeans IDE. Simply check out the sources from CVS:
cvs -d:pserver:[yourusername] co imagine
and then open the imagine/ directory as a project and run it. Imagine requires JDK 6.
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